Silver Blonde Hair

Silver Blonde Hair

Search Add New Question I have short, dark brown hair and I want one or two streaks of platinum or silver. What do I buy and how can I do this at home? wikiHow Contributor Get a home bleach kit, apply the bleach to the sections you want to be platinum, and wrap them in foil. Wait as long as the kit’s package indicates in the directions, then wash it out and use purple toner. You can apply the toner all over, it won’t affect your brown hair. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 8 Helpful 13 I have blonde hair with a lot of orange spots, and I’m thinking about bleaching it to silver blonde. Will it work? wikiHow Contributor The only way to get rid of the orange spots is to use a purple or blue toner. Anything else will only cause more damage. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 13 Helpful 15 How can I get my silver hair to turn blonde? wikiHow Contributor You can dye it. Maybe try a color a couple shades darker than you want to go, since your hair is already a light color. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 8 Helpful 10 The silver toner has partially colored my bleached hair purple. How can I fix this? wikiHow Contributor The purple will fade the more times you wash it. If you want to remove the purple completely, soak your hair in lemon for 10-15 minutes. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 13 Helpful 10 I have blonde hair. Do I have to bleach it before I dye it silver? wikiHow Contributor It must be pale yellow. Baby chick yellow will result in a dingy tone, almost olive silver. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0 How can I get rid of yellow tones in bleached hair? wikiHow Contributor You’ll want to buy a purple-based toner. Every brand is different, but the name of the color will likely be something like “lightest cool blonde.” If in doubt, ask the clerk at the beauty supply store which would be best for the tone of your hair. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0 How do I get back my original hair color after dying it? wikiHow Contributor You could dye your hair to a color that closely matches your original color, or you can just wait until your hair grows out. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0
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Silver Blonde Hair

Find a good salon. Attempting to dye your hair platinum blonde by yourself is a bad idea. The process tends to be very long, and involves a lot of chemicals that can seriously damage your hair if you don’t know what you’re doing. You may be able to go blonde out of a box, but to achieve truly silver hair you should enlist a stylist’s help. This can get expensive, but it’s not something you want to skimp on unless you want to risk ending up with fried, orange hair, and a burning scalp. If you have very light blonde hair to begin with, you may be an exception to this rule. In this case, a quality toner applied to your hair may be enough to get silver hair. Even so, if you have never used toner before, it is highly recommended that you go to a stylist the first time around, so they can show you the ropes.
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Silver Blonde Hair

-Hair Dyes: Prep your locks with Fudge’s White Shade of Pale toner, £11.25. For a subtle blonde/silver hue, give the Colour Freedom Silver Blonde, £4.66 a go. For a more full on grey shade, the Crazy Colour silver hair dye, £5.39, is ideal. For extra sparkle, finish off your look with the Stargazer silver glitter hairspray, £5.
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Silver Blonde Hair

An option for ladies who want to put an emphasis on ‘blonde’ in blonde ombre hair is starting a fade to a lighter color closer to the top, a few inches away from the roots. If you choose this ombre style, make sure that the blonde part blends in gradually, naturally flowing from dark brown to ash blonde.

Silver Blonde Hair

Silver and ash blonde ombre looks are relatively new additions to the styling scene. They make hair look gilded, sterling, nearly metallic. They have an otherworldly charm, reminiscent of fairy creatures from the legends of the Celts and the Norsemen. And yet stylists from all over the world have been somewhat taken aback by this rise of popularity. How did these muted colors, which make women dye their hair nearly gray, become such strong trends? We’ve got twenty amazing pictures below, which will help you to understand just how gorgeous ash and silver can look on one’s hair.
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Silver Blonde Hair

Lady Gaga is always at the cutting edge of fashion, and she was one of the first celebs to embrace the silver blonde hair trend. The singer turned heads by matching her icy blonde locks to her plunging metallic dress in 2015, and the results were stunning. Remember that you can play up your hair color with what you wear — the possibilities are endless!
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By now, we hope we’ve convinced you that ash blonde and silver ombre hair is extremely versatile. It can work with waves, curls, pin-straight hair, and in whatever color combination you prefer. And, no, it won’t make you look old, since you’re not actually dyeing your hair white or gray. It’s the metallic undertones that literally make these styles shine!
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Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall rocked silver locks recently. GLAMOUR spoke to Jade’s hair colourist, Headmasters’ Siobhan Jones, who told us: “In order to go grey you have to pre-lighten the hair to a clean white blonde and then tone with a personalised grey mix tone. Jade best suits having more of a natural root as she has brown eyes and a warmer skin complexion so I ensured the best suitability by placing the grey tones throughout the mid lengths and ends of the hair.”
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Flaxen blonde ombre is always an option for girls who want to settle for a lighter hair color, but not to turn out too flashy either. Casual ash blonde ombre hair is yet another style that can be flawlessly rocked in any setting, so give it a go.
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Enough with playing it safe, though. Here’s a look that would catch everyone’s eye with those intense colors. Ash blonde would actually be a mathematical average of these two: the bright blonde on top and the toffee brown at the bottom. Note how the entire hair has been bleached to achieve this look, and how the chestnut color was first smudged onto the hair, midway down its length.
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Silver hair never goes out of style. It’s chic, it’s fresh, and it’s sure to turn heads. Unfortunately, attaining true platinum blonde hair is also a long, difficult process, and you will need all the help you can get.
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Medium length hair is very versatile and the model in this photo proves it to a tee. Her ombre look, which involves a stark contrast between the silver-ashen blonde tone and very dark hair at the roots, is styled twofold. And it works just as well in the straight and wet look, as it does in wavy and carefree one!
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It’s the unlikely hair trend of the year, but recently it’s been everywhere. Silver hair hues are taking over social media, with bloggers (such as InTheFrow below), and celebrities alike giving grey a go. Hair stylists are noticing a rise in requests for this modern hair phenomena, and with some of the amazing looks we’ve spotted, we’re really not surprised.
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Cara Delevingne is the latest star to adopt this look. She knows how to rock a runway, red carpet, and the silver screen, and now she’s doing it with silver hair; the sleek and chic look accentuates her stunning blue eyes. When dyeing your hair this color, make sure to find the shade that works best for you.
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It’s always good to have a choice. Someone is obsessed with bright ombre looks, featuring unnatural hair colors, and someone goes for more sophisticated silver and ash blonde fades. Are the latter going to make you look like an older woman? Not really, if you are young and use make up, a rich lip color, for instance.
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As spring turns to summer, our style shifts and changes. That goes for more than just our fashion choices — our beauty choices adjust to the change in weather as well. And this summer, silver blonde hair is the beauty look of the season. It’s shimmery and dramatic, yet can be worn in everyday life. It’s unusual and stands out in an unconventional way, too. Best of all, it can be dressed up or down: you can make it demure and sweet, or intense and wild.
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Consider carefully. If your hair is short, straight, light in color, undamaged, and neither very thick nor very fine, you may be able to successfully bleach it at home. If your hair does not meet all these criteria, you can certainly attempt to bleach it yourself, but you should be aware that the odds are significantly against you, particularly if you have never bleached hair before. Whatever kind of hair you have, if you decide to bleach it at home, you should be prepared for the possibility that it will go very wrong. If having fried, yellow hair for a while would make you feel awful, it’s best not to attempt this.

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