Short Haircuts With Bangs

Short Haircuts With Bangs

Short hairstyles are in trends recently, for 2016 this major trend is taken to the next level with added bangs. Whether the look is a sleek bob with thick front bangs or a messy crop and swept-back side bangs, this is the perfect hairstyle for women. There is no better way to freshen up a boring hairstyle than with bangs. Bangs will give you sophisticated,mystical, stylish and cute look at the same time. There are little rules for choosing short hairstyles, your hairstyle should be matching with your face shape and you personality. Side bangs are a softer and more feminine way to handle this trend, and look great with short haircut.
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Short Haircuts With Bangs

Very short haircuts, and super short hair cuts, also known as haircuts above the ear, are known as one of the most stylish, trendy and easy to manage hair styles that a woman can try. When this is combined with bangs, an resistible beauty comes along.
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Short Haircuts With Bangs

Some short haircuts with bangs will never go out of style, and this is one of them. The shape of this wavy, slightly angled bob calls to mind visions of babes from the past, but its side swept bangs and tousled curls give it a more modern feel. Side note: it’s also the perfect bob for girls who like to *twirl* their hair!
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Short Haircuts With Bangs

When it comes to styles we’re coveting madly for Fall, short haircuts with bangs are right up there. The perfect way to marry pixie-like length with the softness and versatility of a face-framing fringe, these close crops are perfect hair inspiration for anyone considering a bold hair move this season. We’re calling our stylists right now; we won’t blame you if you want to do the same.
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Short Haircuts With Bangs

Short haircuts with long bangs, may sound a bit different but looks this good on women. Without a thought, every woman should give it a try.
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Short Haircuts With Bangs

Somewhere in between a pixie and a chin-length cut, this bob hairstyle with bangs definitely works best for women with oval face shape, as it highlights the widest part of the visage. Super short bangs can be hard to pull off, but when they are executed correctly, they add a cute gamine touch to the look. Pink highlights are a fun way to show off a spunky personality.
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An angular, choppy shape; short, blunt bangs; a cool platinum shade – this bob with bangs isn’t just modern, it’s futuristic. Great for fine or thin hair, try it out now and you’ll be light years ahead of the style game.
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Had Betty Page lived now and wanted to try a short bob with bangs, this is definitely what she would have looked like. Baby bangs, slightly wavy lengths, a little wispy and uneven overall, this is a look that says “I’m sexy without trying too hard.”
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Who says bangs have to be blunt or layered? If you really want to have a tough girl edge, try a choppy inverted style that has uneven bangs for a look that draws attention without seeming too desperate. The fans of Rooney Mara’s moody short bob hairstyle, will like this idea for sure.
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Regina King’s look is razor sharp. Her bangs are cut bluntly, while the side locks are layered towards the ends for the perfect rounded silhouette. This is definitely a very stylish look of a short bob with bangs, to suit a range of face shapes.
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When it comes to short hairstyles, a chin-length bob with bangs is unquestionably the one that celebrities have loved over the years. If your hair is short and you are looking for some inspiring images, you are in the right place! Besides, if you still have longer locks and think of cutting them short, here we’ve sorted out some of the hottest bob looks in 2017.
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If you are tired of jet black, opt for a midnight purple shade. In the dark it will not probably be very noticeable, but when the light catches your short hair with bangs, the color will be a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Besides the hue, the toughness of this look comes from the proportions and the angles. A shorter back and bang create a chic yet unique look for the ultimate cool girl.
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Cute with a side of sass, this is what happens when a bob meets a shag. Super modern and super playful, this cut would work especially well with naturally wavy hair: blow out the bangs, scrunch in some product, then go forth and be sexy.
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Ever since Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso sported her micro bangs, they’ve stayed on-trend. This version is choppy and uneven, creating a quirky and playful look that’s congruent with the tousled bob.
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Layers are typically located through the length of the hair, but this cut makes its own rules. Having layered bangs adds height and movement around the face, not to mention quickly sweeping them back with your fingers when they fall into your eyes is kind of sexy. Could this be the perfect date night cut?

If you’re after a layered bob but want to be the only girl on the block sporting it, try this. Long sleek bangs, angular layers, and an icy lavender hue, this style screams individuality.
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Cute bobs are often made cuter with killer color, and here’s the perfect example of that. This layered bob with bangs was a fun style to begin with, but after being balayaged with a deep plum hue, the added depth makes those layers really stand out. So perfectly moody!
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The 1920s will always be a favorite decade among the fashionable crowd, as it was full of glitz and glamour. This polished, carefully-coifed inverted bob with bangs is similar to the signature style of the ever popular flappers. If you are a woman who appreciates vintage charm, try this look and finish with major mascara and a classic red lip.

Round face shapes can also pull off bob hairstyles, the key is balance and proportion. This style slims larger cheeks by covering and curling towards the face. Instead of having bangs that lay straight across, these have longer pieces at the ends to draw the eye down.
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If you’re looking for short bob hairstyles and are a fan of the French girl style, consider this. Best worn on fine, straight hair (and particularly cool paired with black strands) this look is clean, sleek, and très chic.

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