Hair For Men

Hair For Men

Men’s Hairstyles 2017Time flies. It literally feels like it was just days ago when we were looking ahead to 2016 men’s hairstyles. And here we are heading into the last months of 2016. That means it is time to look forward again and keep you in the know and deliver the best men’s hairstyles for 2017. 2016 was a year of constant experimentation and immense creativity being shown off by the best barbers and hairdressers around the world. Men’s haircuts in 2017 will continue with that trend as we see cool new short haircuts, medium length haircuts and longer hairstyles. Never have we seen so much diversity in men’s hairstyles. The days of running with the same old haircuts for years are totally over. Young men are willing to try something new each time they visit the barbershop in hopes of standing out amongst the crowd. Messy longer hair looks are in right now and that will hold strong in 2017. We will see lots of long hair all one length, long fringes, medium length sides (although faded haircuts will still be a popular choice) with more length on top with plenty of slicked back looks for extra cool. Check out our new men’s hairstyles 2017 guide for all the latest men’s haircuts!
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Hair For Men

Guys, lets review your options for your next visit to the barber shop. This is an awesome collection of the most popular haircuts for men as we head into 2017. We have gathered 20 cool modern haircuts that will work for most hair types including curly hair, thick hair, wavy hair, straight hair, or fine hair. In this collection of new haircuts and hairstyles for guys you will find options for short hair, medium Continue Reading
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Hair For Men

Today’s hairstyles for men with long hair have come along way since the laughable scraggly ponytail. All of these cool looks features 2017 hair trends, just with longer hair. From chin length locks swept back to really long hair with an undercut, these fresh styles are cool and clean cut. Check out these pictures for long hair ideas for men that go way beyond the man bun, though we have some of those Continue Reading
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Hair For Men

Expert Comments : “Most men utilize laser hair removal for the back, upper arms, and chest and most want it thinned out, not removed — something which lasers can easily accomplish,” says Goldberg. In fact, other than electrolysis, laser hair removal is the only hair removal treatment that allows for thinning, rather than complete removal. While the average man needs five to seven sessions, as men age, more hair grows, especially on their backs, says Goldberg. As such, touch-up laser hair removal treatments are usually needed on average once a year.
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Hair For Men

Good for thick hair, gel’s primary function is to keep hair in place. Hair gel can be used to attain some of the most old-school looks, like the ones sported by Elvis, or John Travolta in Grease. Slick and stiff, it can be applied to wet or dry hair for different effects. Gel tends to make hair shiny, which is probably what has earned its reputation as the modern day hair grease. If you’re happy with keeping the same look from dawn until dusk, gel will deliver exactly that. That said, you might want to consider a different option if you’re prone to running your fingers through your hair. Once dried in position, gel can break from its shape, or flake, if meddled with.
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Hair Loss Expertise With over four decades of experience, we are the hair loss experts with empathy. We understand the emotions surrounding hair loss and our team of licensed cosmetologists is dedicated to making sure you look and feel your best. In our discreet and professional environment, we match your desired level of privacy and provide next level service that will have you excited to look in the mirror. Imagine your life with a full head of hair. Could it help you on the path to achieving your personal goals? At Hair Club, we understand that it’s about more than just your hair. Join the thousands of clients who say, “I wish I had done this sooner.” Call us today to schedule your FREE hair analysis and get started on a whole new outlook.
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Hair for Men: Great looking hair at wholesale prices. Quality hairpieces and accessories for less! No gimmicks, no contracts, no inflated prices–just brand-name, high quality hairpieces, wigs, and accessories for men. Choose from synthetic fiber or human hair hairpieces.We also specialize in custom wigs and hairpieces. Our custom department can make any hairpiece you can imagine, and for much less than you would expect. Contact us for more information.
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Updated January 10, 2017 For most men short haircuts and short hairstyles are the go-to look. That’s because short hair is so easy to manage. Simply towel dry, use a small amount of hair product, work the hair into the desired style and go. Some cuts can even skip the styling. Short styles look and feel great, with longer on hair on top to work with and short sides and back that are clean cut all. These Continue Reading
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Expert Comments : Dermatologist Bruce Katz, MD, reminds us that while shaving is fast and easy, it can increase the risk of ingrown hairs, which occur when cut hairs curl back into the skin instead of growing outward. This can be a particular problem for African-American men, who are more likely to develop infections caused the by ingrown hairs. To help avoid problems, Katz says, make sure that the hair you will be shaving is wet – you might want to try back shaving in the shower. He also recommends shaving in the direction the hair grows, and lathering up beforehand to make hair removal easier. Contrary to popular opinion, shaving does not cause hair to grow back thicker or coarser.
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What It Does : Using laser light energy to penetrate the hair shaft, it actually kills the hair root. This doesn’t kill the follicle (the place where hair growth starts). So technically, another hair can grow in its place, but it’s difficult. That means results of laser hair removal last a fairly long time.
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Be your own boss with a Hair for Men barber shop franchise Benefit from all the branding, support and knowledgeFranchising makes the impossible possible, you can run your own business and benefit from all the branding, support and knowledge of a tried and tested business model. At Hair for Men we are always on the lookout for like-minded individuals to join our expanding company and share in the success with us.100% of our franchise owners previously trained with us at the academy. There are real opportunities not just to run your own business but be part of a growing and rewarding brand.Change your career and open your own franchise, we can take care of everything for you, including finance, marketing and business management skills and of course ongoing barber training for you and your team.
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Side part hairstyles for men are the classic of classic men’s hairstyles and haircuts. Easy as it gets. Simply comb a part into damp hair and work hair into place. You can use a blow dryer or air dry, finish with product or go natural. However, the classic combover isn’t the only way to rock the side part hairstyle. Some of the popular looks for 2017 are side parts with more length, plenty of volume and a touch Continue Reading

Going with this year’s texture trend, all of these best curly hairstyles for men 2017 feature hair long enough to reveal curls. These long on top, short sides and back hairstyles give you the best of both worlds with plenty of length and texture and clean cut edges. Curly hair requires a different approach than other hair types. Not all barbers are experienced with curls so check out their Instagram or get a Continue Reading
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Popular men’s hairstyles in 2017 are a little different than than last year’s trends. Overall we’re seeing more length, more texture and more messiness. While 2016 moved away from those Mad Men-inspired looks by trading in shiny products for matte, this year’s styles are looser and less structured. Check out these fresh ways to wear the slick back, side part, spikes, high top and more. 1. Tousled Men’s Continue Reading
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Imagine your life with a full head of hair. Could it help you on the path to achieving your personal goals? At Hair Club, we understand that it’s about more than just your hair. Join the thousands of clients who say, “I wish I had done this sooner.” Call us today to schedule your FREE hair analysis and get started on a whole new outlook.
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What It Does : Using an ultra-slim needle to penetrate each individual hair shaft, this system delivers tiny shocks of electricity to the hair follicle, killing the cells that actually make hair. Once a cell is gone, it’s gone, so no hair will grow there again.
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These top haircuts for men are the most flattering classic cuts and some of the latest trends. Whether it’s for short or longer hair, fine or thick, all of these men’s hairstyles look good and are easy to wear. Continue Reading

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