Dark Hair Ombre

Dark Hair Ombre

After you discuss your hair history of coloring, consider hair texture. If you never blow your hair smooth, ombre may not work for you. If you throw ombre colored hair into a bun ever day, it won’t enhance your look. Ombre will basically just give you the same dark hair, with a yellow bun. If you wear your hair down, then you’re a good candidate. That way, ombre will enhance your look, give your hair a little sexiness , and brighten your skin tone.
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Dark Hair Ombre

With natural blonde hair you can go only a few tones lighter in ombre. In this case you achieve a dramatic transition of colors, only if you go for a reverse ombre or darken your roots previously. With dark brown and black hair you can transition to any color of your preference, including unnatural pastel hues and bold, bright colors. Besides, your ombre for dark hair will last for months, and you won’t have to worry about the root growth, as you would with a solid hair color that’s different from your natural hair hue. Check the following ombre ideas for brunettes to choose the hues and patterns you like the most.
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Dark Hair Ombre

Black ombre is classy and striking. It may not flatter everyone though. Who is black ombre for then? If you have highly contrasting looks and natural dark hair color, you may try black fades into browns, reds or even blondes. Long hair is a plus for ombre, since this coloristic technique requires length to do a quality fade, especially if it’s as dramatic as most of black dip dyes. Check out the creative variations of dark ombre hair and get inspired for your next visit to the salon.
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Dark Hair Ombre

1 Of 30 Deep Chestnut With HoneyThe best thing about ombre hair? It allows you to seamlessly combine two gorgeous shades so you don’t have to decide on just one (or get those awful chunky highlights that plagued the ’90s). If you want a dramatic look, try going from a glossy brown shade to a bold blonde. Getty 2 Of 30 Golden BrunetteTake advantage of the two biggest trends in hair: long bobs and ombre color. GettyAdvertisement – Continue Reading Below 3 Of 30 Long TransitionIf you have waist-length locks and want to add a little extra oomph to them, try asking your stylist for a subtle transition towards the last several inches. Getty 4 Of 30 Cool Brown and BlondeFor lovers of cool tones, a deep smoky brown that transitions into an icy blonde offers a striking effect. GettyAdvertisement – Continue Reading Below 5 Of 30 Purplish BlackFor those with a penchant for wilder shades, you could go with a softly transitioned black-to-plum ombre look, also known as colombre. Getty 6 Of 30 Warm AuburnIf you have a warmer complexion, as your stylist to progress a pecan brown shade into soft reddish caramel colors. GettyAdvertisement – Continue Reading Below 7 Of 30 High ContrastFor those who want to make a “wow!” statement with their hair, start super dark towards the top and, rather than a gradual transition, ask your stylist to add pale shades to just the last few inches. Getty 8 Of 30 Delicate Golden OmbreWhile super subtle, this ombre is a great way to amp up a simple wavy bob. With lighter shades starting around eye-level, it beautifully accentuates the cheekbones. GettyAdvertisement – Continue Reading Below 9 Of 30 Sleek and HighlightedRather than transitioning your hair to lighter shades exclusively at the bottom, you can also add a few face-framing babylights to bring your whole style together. Getty 10 Of 30 Choppy OmbreAdd fullness to your face by asking your stylist to pop some lighter hues starting around the cheeks. Getty
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Dark Hair Ombre

Your haircut is a key component to ombre. For best results, you should have some layers. The ombre highlighting should be on the tips of the ends of the layers. If you have all one length hair, you can have ombre, but make sure the line is softened because you don’t want a straight block of blonde. A more modern ombre should gradually get lighter, so that just the tips are blondest.
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Dark Hair Ombre

For a dark brown ombre that doesn’t completely change the color of your hair, ask for a rich chocolate ombre with soft caramel highlights. Treated to a warm tone, the ombre ends stand out and catch the light better—but still in a subtle, classy way.
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Dark Hair Ombre

Ombre is perfect for dark hair! To make a more modern look, stay away from the ends being too light. A more golden blonde and lighter chestnut  brown is easier to achieve, and it’s a softer version of last year’s ombre craze. Make sure the highlights aren’t done in the roots, but have a few face framing pieces to connect the ombre and brighten your skin tone. You could also try copper tones. Rich, more warm tones work well with a cool skin color.
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There are a few ways to approach ombre hair. It makes a difference if you have dark brown hair, and if you’ve ever colored your hair. If your hair has been previously colored, the ombre trend may be trickier.
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Tone is another important consideration when going ombre. The process is done with the same product all over the hair: Bleach. How you apply can make it more or less light, so you want to make sure you can help elimate brassy hair after you leave the salon. When you lighten any brown hair, it pulls out a lot of red pigment. No brunettes like to have red in their hair, so make sure to get a “ash” gloss to get the coolest results. To keep the neutral look, use Shimmer Lights Purple Shampoo. The purple will cancel out the orange color, and this is best for warm skin tones. More fair skinned can pull off a warmer ombre. The combination of deep chestnuts and dark golden blondes can be beautiful and sexy.
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A black and blonde ombre gives you the same benefit of blonde: namely, you can easily add in colors to your newly light ends. If you’re curious about trying colorful ombre hair and want something edgy and unique, go for the pastel trend in the form of ombre.
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Ombre has definitely made an impact in the beauty and fashion industry. It is an easy, low maintenance look for my clients. My favorite part of ombre is that the color selection for the ombre varies, so customizing the color is the fun part. Clients always enjoy the variation that gives a prompt personality to their hair!
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For Already Colored Hair: Ask your colorist realistically how light they think they can make the bottom of your hair. They will have to use bleach, so make sure your hair is strong enough. Try strengthening your hair by doing masks once a week, for 20 minutes to get hair back into good shape. The stronger and healthier your hair, the easier and more nicely the color will lift. If the ends are damaged, the color will only lift to orange, and then break. Also, colorists do a gloss after the highlights, but that gloss won’t help if your hair is too broken. I suggest the Shu Uemura Hydrating Mask once a week and Sally Hershberger Keratin Spray daily. The product is light in your hair but has cashmere to keep hair silky and keratin to keep ombre smooth and shiny.
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Make sure that before you start the ombre process, you explain exactly what you want to your colorist. Whether you want a solid ombre, a more subtle ombre, or you hate red, if you communicate with your colorist, you’ll leave the salon much happier.

For dark ombre hair that is completely unique, think outside of the blonde box. Yes, blonde ombre is beautiful, but if blonde isn’t your thing, then try a less dramatic but no less interesting option. A deep midnight blue is the perfect addition to shiny black hair with a multidimensional finish.
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The gray hair trend is interesting. On the one hand, it seems universally flattering. On the other, it may appear damaging to dark hair. If you want to try a smoky shade without bleaching to high heaven first, opt for a dark hair ombre with charcoal ends. Your hair will thank you for it.
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This dark ombre isn’t too subtle and it isn’t too bright, making it the perfect choice if you want your new look to be noticeable without standing out from a mile away. Bangs are an uncommon addition to long ombre hair, but with medium lengths, bangs create a very cute, hip style.
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A burgundy ombre is a fun yet elegant way to kick black ombre hair up a notch. Applied to the dark base, it’s not an extremely bright shade of red, but it’s a perfect choice for fall.
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In the video of YouTube guru LadyMakeup1, she did her hairstyle creation with the ombre hair extension. As she required, we offered her a customized ombre hair color which is black to brown. As any color can be mixed as you like, you can give the detailed information about your requirements and we are pleased to try our efforts.

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