Bangs With Long Hair

Bangs With Long Hair

Textured, straight-across bangs: Kelly Rowland is wearing a variation on Liv Tyler's straight-across bangs—these are more textured, but have the same effect of creating horizontal fullness. I like this technique in particular for wavier hair types, as it takes away from the contrast between the straight bangs and curlier lengths. You still want the bangs to be substantial enough to cover the forehead; anything thin and wispy is only going to accentuate a long face.
bangs with long hair 1

Bangs With Long Hair

Side-swept baby bangs: Here's another example of baby bangs, this time on Sarah Jessica Parker. These were a short-lived hair experiment in 2008, so I take it she didn't love 'em. I don't think they're terrible, but if you compare to the longer side-swept bangs on Molly Sims or Kelly Reilly, you can see how they'd do more to soften SJP's face than these short ones. Note that Sarah now tends to use her curls, instead of bangs, to widen her face—so that's a good technique, too, if you're naturally curly. The widest part of the curly hairstyle should be right in the middle of the face.
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Bangs With Long Hair

Heavy, blunt bangs: The idea behind these Leona Lewis bangs was good—I just think something got lost in the execution, as they're way too heavy, long and helmet-like. All you see are bangs, comin' through! Not her eyes or any of her pretty face. The more natural way that Liv Tyler did blunt bangs is better, with a length that reaches the bottom of the eyebrows, a slightly thinner bang and more choppiness on the ends to soften.
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Bangs With Long Hair

Curtain bangs: I'm not 100 percent against these long, face-framing bangs on Maggie Q and still think she looks great. But I think you can see how they don't exactly hide the length, since she's wearing a middle part, and unlike the Bardot bangs, they don't cover that much of the forehead. These bangs are also elongating because they stop at her jawline. It would be better if they stopped around the cheekbones, to create the illusion of width in the middle. Know what I mean?
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Bangs With Long Hair

Layered haircuts for long hair often look better with bangs, whether you choose a full fringe across the forehead or longer swoopy bangs. If you opt to style your hair messy, let the bangs be ideally sleek for a contrast in textures which makes your style even more interesting.

Bangs With Long Hair

Long layered hairstyles with bangs are now in great demand. Why? Everyone wants a flattering hairstyle, that’s also trendy, effortless-looking and convenient. When you wish to show off your beautiful long locks, try a layered haircut. Layers make long hair more manageable and eliminate the irritating factor of longer strands getting in the way or falling into your face every now and then. If you also want to rock your long hair without a single pin, get some straight-cut or layered bangs.
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Bangs With Long Hair

I want to point out that the long face is an AMAZING one for bangs. Like I've been saying, the whole point of bangs is to help make your face appear more oval and to bring out your eyes. Well, guess what? Because bangs fall right at the middle of your face, they naturally aid in creating that horizontal line that you want to widen a long face. (That is, unless you make one of the bang mishaps I'll get to later.)

Bangs With Long Hair

Stringy bangs: Alicia Keys was SO close here—I actually love the idea of bangs on her, just not these bangs. They don't have enough weight to eliminate the stringiness, so need more hair to be cut into the bang from higher on the crown. I'd also cut them a half-inch shorter, so they're grazing the bottom of her brows.
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Do you want to give your long hair a fresh and pretty look for the new season? Actually, the long hair is very easy to manage for girls. It will create a quite magic effect for the wearers if with a suitable style. The hairstyle you choose should depend on the shape of your face and the bangs and layers will do you a great favor. Today, let’s take a look at these fabulous long layered haircuts with bangs!
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Long side-swept bangs: Kelly Reilly is wearing a gorgeous side-swept fringe here, with amazing volume that you'd get from blow-drying with a round brush. It has a rounding effect because it covers most of the forehead (only a tiny corner is showing above her left eye), and then it hits right at brow level before tapering down on one side. I think the length of the bangs are key. You want them to end somewhere around the middle of the face, instead of down around the chin, because where the bangs stop is where you'll get the most widening benefit.
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Blunt, full, straight-across bangs: I don't know why Liv Tyler ever grew out these bangs, because I just love them on her. As you can see, a full horizontal fringe really helps to widen her face. It's just the right thickness; any fuller and I think the bangs would take over, instead of them emphasizing her eyes like they're doing now. Note the slight choppiness on the ends, which breaks them up a bit and adds softness.
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Long, layered haircuts with bangs come in various forms, and this one is ideal for a girl who loves messy, rockstar looks. This brown hair is worn very long and features a subtle wavy texture which makes it look thicker than it actually is. There are also straight, long bangs falling right across the forehead and framing the face.

Long hair with bangs is one of the most popular classic hairstyles around, however, to keep the look modern, you need to spice it up. The easiest way to do this is to play with hair color, like, for example, going for an edgy brown and blonde ombre technique. There are also short, layered bangs and the tousled lower half to create a bit of drama.
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Layered hairstyles for long hair are not all alike, and you should try different textures and types of bangs for some variety and also in order to find your most flattering options. Here are trendy ideas for wavy and straight, shaggy and sleek, balayage and ombre long hairstyles with layers and bangs.
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Sometimes when you hear “long layers with bangs”, it might not sound like such an exciting hairstyle, but if you use this layered haircut with a side fringe as a reference, you may feel differently. With soft, side bangs and golden blonde hair color being the first things which catch the eye, this long look also includes tiered layers that both flatter and frame the face.
bangs with long hair 15

Side-swept bangs: Another variation on the side-swept bang is this look on Molly Sims. Her bangs aren't cut as thickly as Kelly Reilly's, as her hair type is finer and straighter. They're also not as long, reaching just the top of the brows. But they still work well to cover most of the forehead, and I love the interest they add to the long, straight hairstyle. Really pretty.

Short, textured bangs: Not only are Hilary Swank's bangs too short and wispy-looking, but they're accompanied by short layers all throughout her short haircut—which is creating a huge amount of height at the top of her head. Height is not what we want. We want width. I think this is something to be very aware of if you have a long face and want a short hairstyle; try to keep the layers at the top nice and long, so that they lie flat. Short would be great on her if she went Elsa Pataky-style, with a long side-swept bang.
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How else can you rock long hair with bangs? Layers that start below the chin and straight bangs create a flattering frame that may correct your face shape if needed or draw attention to your facial features. In this case, it’s better to style layers, flipping them with a round brush to the centre.
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Side bangs are cute and flirty, which makes them a flattering addition to practically any hairstyle. While the rest of the blonde hair is left long with just a few well-placed layers, the side bangs tie the whole look together, serving as the topmost shortest layer of this stunning hairstyle.
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Enhanced by straight bangs, this straight hair style with layers is focused on the cute and modern hair color trick – pastel hair. Mostly blonde with lavender tips, this hair color choice adds just the right amount of rockstar flash to turn heads.
bangs with long hair 20

Though the look is a wee bit dated, we’re still loving Middleton’s throw-back ’70s blowout that swoops her bangs away from her face. To get the look, use a volumizing paste at the roots of your hair when it’s wet and round brush your bangs back away from your face.

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