Bangs For Long Hair

Bangs For Long Hair

Insider secret: Keep your long bangs like Lea Michele's looking fresh by pulling the rest of your hair back into a ponytail and washing your bangs when you wash your face, says Scrivo. “This way you refresh your style without having to wash the whole head each time.” To get her look, ask for bangs that are tapered at the ends, says Scrivo. For a whole different vibe, gently push long bangs to the side so they're angled but not completely side-swept.
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Bangs For Long Hair

Layered haircuts for long hair often look better with bangs, whether you choose a full fringe across the forehead or longer swoopy bangs. If you opt to style your hair messy, let the bangs be ideally sleek for a contrast in textures which makes your style even more interesting.
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Bangs For Long Hair

Long layered hairstyles with bangs are now in great demand. Why? Everyone wants a flattering hairstyle, that’s also trendy, effortless-looking and convenient. When you wish to show off your beautiful long locks, try a layered haircut. Layers make long hair more manageable and eliminate the irritating factor of longer strands getting in the way or falling into your face every now and then. If you also want to rock your long hair without a single pin, get some straight-cut or layered bangs.
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Bangs For Long Hair

Do you want to give your long hair a fresh and pretty look for the new season? Actually, the long hair is very easy to manage for girls. It will create a quite magic effect for the wearers if with a suitable style. The hairstyle you choose should depend on the shape of your face and the bangs and layers will do you a great favor. Today, let’s take a look at these fabulous long layered haircuts with bangs!
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Bangs For Long Hair

Whether you already have a natural wave to your hair or you want to style it like Kimberly Caldwell's, side-swept bangs look fun and edgy with lots of layers and cool piece-iness. It's also a great “in-between” look when you're transitioning between cuts. “To accessorize your look between trims, try hair barrettes and colored bobby pins to accent your bangs, pull them to one side, or part hair down the middle,” says Wright.
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Bangs For Long Hair

Long, layered haircuts with bangs come in various forms, and this one is ideal for a girl who loves messy, rockstar looks. This brown hair is worn very long and features a subtle wavy texture which makes it look thicker than it actually is. There are also straight, long bangs falling right across the forehead and framing the face.
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Bangs For Long Hair

Long hair with bangs is one of the most popular classic hairstyles around, however, to keep the look modern, you need to spice it up. The easiest way to do this is to play with hair color, like, for example, going for an edgy brown and blonde ombre technique. There are also short, layered bangs and the tousled lower half to create a bit of drama.
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Bangs For Long Hair

Layered hairstyles for long hair are not all alike, and you should try different textures and types of bangs for some variety and also in order to find your most flattering options. Here are trendy ideas for wavy and straight, shaggy and sleek, balayage and ombre long hairstyles with layers and bangs.
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Sometimes when you hear “long layers with bangs”, it might not sound like such an exciting hairstyle, but if you use this layered haircut with a side fringe as a reference, you may feel differently. With soft, side bangs and golden blonde hair color being the first things which catch the eye, this long look also includes tiered layers that both flatter and frame the face.
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How else can you rock long hair with bangs? Layers that start below the chin and straight bangs create a flattering frame that may correct your face shape if needed or draw attention to your facial features. In this case, it’s better to style layers, flipping them with a round brush to the centre.
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Side bangs are cute and flirty, which makes them a flattering addition to practically any hairstyle. While the rest of the blonde hair is left long with just a few well-placed layers, the side bangs tie the whole look together, serving as the topmost shortest layer of this stunning hairstyle.
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Lipstick25 Celebrity Haircuts That'll Make You Want Bangs, StatIt's official: Bangs are back in a big way this season. Whether you have curly, wavy, or straight hair, there's flattering fringe that will work for you. Check out these celebrity haircuts for inspiration.By Glamour
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Though the look is a wee bit dated, we’re still loving Middleton’s throw-back ’70s blowout that swoops her bangs away from her face. To get the look, use a volumizing paste at the roots of your hair when it’s wet and round brush your bangs back away from your face.
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9 Of 36 Kate MiddletonThough the look is a wee bit dated, we’re still loving Middleton’s throw-back ’70s blowout that swoops her bangs away from her face. To get the look, use a volumizing paste at the roots of your hair when it’s wet and round brush your bangs back away from your face. Getty
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Enhanced by straight bangs, this straight hair style with layers is focused on the cute and modern hair color trick – pastel hair. Mostly blonde with lavender tips, this hair color choice adds just the right amount of rockstar flash to turn heads.
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You know the hairstyle is hot when people mistake you for a star! This mostly dramatic hairdo is killer with its shaggy layers, vibrant color, and long bangs. The bangs are styled over the eyes for a teasing effect. Definitely a hit!
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If you prefer to wear your bangs straight across your forehead, the most popular shape for them would be arched. To look modern, they also should be quite long. This kind of bangs is good for faces with big foreheads.
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One of the main goals of long, layered haircuts is to have as much movement as possible, and this cut definitely fits the bill. The focal point of the hairstyle is actually the crown section, enhanced with long bangs. The top of the hair is lightly teased to give the hair some welcomed height that looks heavenly in this pearly shade of blonde.
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Sophia Bush debuted her dramatic blunt bangs earlier this year, and we like how they flatter her almond-shaped eyes. “Bangs that are cut straight across like Sophia's are best for those with heart- or oval-shaped faces,” says L'Oreal Professionnel ambassador Eva Scrivo. Ask your stylist for a super-thick fringe and be ready to show off this standout style.
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Keeping up with a Kardashian's hairstyle is no easy task, but we're obsessed with the way Kim Kardashian experiments with her look. “Full bangs are in right now,” says Wright. “To achieve this hairstyle, ask your stylist to start closer to the crown of the head in a pie section.” The bangs are full and wide with a soft layer around the edges, which enhances cheekbones in a majorly flattering way.
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For a sexy cut like Helena Christensen's, ask for bangs that hit just above the brows, leaving the heaviest pieces at the sides to round out a square face shape. “Bangs that start a little bit shorter like this one give clients an extra week or so before having to trim them again,” says Wright.
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This bright red style features the addition of some texture in the form of tousled strands, while the long bangs are styled perfectly with a round brush. When you already have long hair, it’s best to incorporate long layers instead of those that turn to be too short, which may cause frizz.
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To offset the strictness that often comes with wearing dark hair, this hairstyle features long layered side bangs that fall dramatically over one eye. The remainder of the hair also has layers incorporated throughout, which creates a ton of dimension and movement.
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Shoulder length hair can also benefit from layers, as is exemplified by the photo below. If your hair is thinner, then layers can add texture and style. Long bangs that graze past the eyebrows soften the entire look of Taylor Swift.
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Healthy long hair is your most precious jewel, but to wear it with comfort, you’ll need a nice layered cut. Long bangs blended into the shortest layer provide a beautiful frame for your face and make your mane lighter as well as more movable.
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Rich burgundy hair color already stands out, but when you add the other elements, it’s a pretty cute look all around. Chunky, straight bangs are cut across the forehead, while the bulk of the hair is styled into massive curls that add volume and depth to this flirty look.
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Always ready for the camera, this reality star is a pro at making her hair look 100% spot-on every minute, every day. Even her ponytails look trendy! The super long length and longer bangs that just graze the eyes look polished and well kept every time she steps out.

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